These are open source projects I’ve worked on. To see more open source contributions, you can check my GitHub profile.

  • Tremendous Quest IV, - a game about customer support, team spirit, and worker solidarity. Phil “technomancy” Hagelberg, Emily Martin, and I created it in Fennel and Löve2d for the Spring Lisp Game Jam 2020, where it won third place. Source code here.
  • Fennel - a lisp that compiles to Lua. I became interested in this for use in Löve2d games, and have contributed to the compiler and the website.
  • netlify-cms - I was a maintainer of this project as part of my employment at Netlify. Netlify CMS is a static, headless CMS that uses HTTP APIs of Git hosting services to edit the content files a website is built from.
  • wuzz - I was a maintainer of this project, a interactive CLI tool for HTTP inspection written in Go.
  • org-wikish - a very simple wiki system using Org and a single directory.
  • fsbot-data-browser - an emacs mode for viewing the database of #emacs’ resident factoid/elisp evaluation bot, fsbot.
  • say-what-im-doing.el - a very silly Emacs mode that uses the OS X say CLI tool on the name of every command you perform (excluding a few common ones).