Hi! My name is Benaiah Mischenko, and this is my website. I’m a full-stack web developer with over a decade of experience, and I’m currently looking for work! If you’d like me to join your team, consult with you about building web applications, or speak at your event, please reach out to me at benaiah@mischenko.com.

I have worked on projects on all levels of the web stack, from complex front-end applications to build infrastructure powering hundreds of thousands of websites. With my passion for learning and even contributing to programming languages and other tools, I have developed both experience with many varied technologies and the ability to pick up those that are new to me and start working with them quickly. I care deeply about web performance, which involves work at every layer of a website from its infrastructure to its design, so my full stack focus is frequently of use.

I’m dedicated to making projects easier to understand and contribute to for open-source contributors and team members through clean code, meaningful abstractions, thorough documentation, assistance with repository maintenance, and helpful code review. As an open-source maintainer and contributor, both professionally and in my spare time, I’ve used these skills to help teammates and community members learn projects faster with less frustration and make high quality contributions.

I believe code is first and foremost for communicating with people, and that the most maintainable codebases allow developers to understand them easily and thoroughly. I also believe that an engaged and thriving community is important for the health of open-source projects. To that end, I have spoken at or on events, meetups, and podcasts about projects I am passionate about, introducing potential new contributors to them.

If you’d like to read some of my technical writing, see my blog posts: