About Me

Benaiah Mischenko is a software developer living near Portland, OR. He works primarily in the web.

You can contact him at benaiah@mischenko.com. He also frequents the #emacs channel on Freenode as "benaiah".

Stuff I Know


  • Proficient in CoffeeScript, CSS, Emacs Lisp, Go, JavaScript, LESS, PHP, Racket, SASS, Scheme, VB.NET, VBScript
  • Familiar with Bash, C#, Clojure, Java, Lua, Python, SQL, Stylus


  • Front-end JavaScript: Angular, jQuery, Meteor, React
  • CSS/LESS/SASS: Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon Neat
  • Back End: ASP, ASP.NET, Meteor, Node.js, Wordpress
  • Build systems: Grunt, Gulp, Nikola